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YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Photo Babylonia Talmud - Tractate Baba Kamma. Commissioned by Amschel Moses Rothschild and handed down in the Rothschild family for five generations. Frankfurt, 1721-22. (YIVO Archives)

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research was founded in Vilna, Poland, in 1925, and relocated to New York City in 1940 with the mission to study the thousand-year history of Jewish life in Eastern Europe and Russia in all its aspects: language, history, religion, folkways and material culture. Today YIVO's Archive and Library preserve the largest and most significant collection of materials on this subject in the world, and our mission remains the same. YIVO offers cultural events and programs throughout the year, including lectures, concerts, films, exhibitions and symposia. YIVO also offers adult education and Yiddish language programs, scholarly publications, research opportunities and fellowships.

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Theo Bikel's Final Farewell (at the YIVO Institute)
Watch Theodore Bikel sing "Di zun vet aruntergeyn" at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research 13th Annual Heritage Luncheon in his honor on June 18, 2015.

Theodore Bikel (1924 - 2015)
It is with sadness that the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research mourns the passing of Theodore Bikel (1924-2015). Mr. Bikel was a true renassaince man of the 20th century with prolific achievements in theatre, film and music, as well as a humanitarian who fought for civil and workers' rights. He inspired generations of young people around the world who shared a commitment to celebrate life through the arts and culture. His love for the Jewish people, their history, and Yiddish culture in particular, was a guiding light throughout his life.

We send our deepest condolences to his wife, Aimee Ginsburg Bikel, and their extended family at this time. May Theo's memory and legacy be a blessing for all humankind.

זאָל ער האָבן אַ ליכטיקן גן־עדן
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Vera Stern (1927 - 2015)
With deepest sympathies, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research announces the passing of Vera Stern (July 11, 1927 - July 21, 2015), widow of Isaac Stern. Beloved mother and grandmother, Mrs. Stern was also a friend and longtime supporter of YIVO. We send our sincerest condolences to her family. To learn more about Mrs. Stern’s connection to Vilna and YIVO, please click here.

The Award Committee of the Jan Karski and Pola Nirenska Award is pleased to announce that Prof. Jerzy Malinowski has been named the recipient of this year's prize. Read more...

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is pleased to announce a generous anonymous challenge grant of $1,160,000 – and a new name – for its landmark international project to preserve, digitize, and virtually reunite YIVO’s prewar library and archival collections, located in New York City and Vilnius, Lithuania. Read more...

The first meeting of a Lithuanian Government-designated joint commission, bringing together various governmental officials and Jewish representatives from the Lithuanian Jewish Community and international Jewish organizations took place on May 7, 2015, in Vilnius. Read more...

News & Information